Sail On


Sail On” two of my favorite words I love to use to express my state of mind in that moment.  Sometime we become too complacent, too comfortable, and too stubborn to move on, even when it could be good for us to do so.  Sometime, the issue has nothing to do with the things mentioned prior but, it could be a result of the tug-a-war going on between our heart and mind…I know my situation did.  I was given to the earth, but I’ve always felt like a visitor, so, I spent a lot of time thinking how I could make my peace with me and mine.  How I could keep it real and live  the truth; then one day it clicked.  I decided to stop thinking and stressing (which was keeping me complacent) and just go.  I set sail and ever since I’ve been sailing on.  I’ve encountered some storms, been shipwrecked a time or two, but I’m still sailing…sailing on!

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